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About RapidBI
Action Learning - Reg Revens approach
Action learning is a method developed by Reg Revens. Revens concluded that the most effective form of learning was action based. This page outlines how to use Revens work in a practical way.
Anatomy and Physiology for First Aid
Ansoff Matrix - product market grid
The Ansoff product/ market matrix is a tool that helps businesses decide their product and market growth strategy. Ansoff's product/ market matrix suggests that a business' attempts to grow depend on whether it markets new or existing products in new or existing markets.
Appraisal system and performance management
Set up an Appraisal System and Performance Management System. As a company grows, so does its need for more formal or structured management systems. Managing the performance of people in the company becomes increasingly important. This page guides managers and HR professionals through some of the steps to implementing an appraisal or performance management system.
Best Practice
Often in business we hear about Best Practice and Good Practice, but what does it mean? Where and when should we use it?
BIR - Business Improvement Review
The BIR or Business Improvement Review is a methodology for helping to identify developmental needs in organisations.
BIR - The Business Improvement Review Microsite
BIR Self Adminster Help Page
This is the help page for people undertaking a self administered BIR. It provides our first line of support.
RapidBI are involved in a number of blogs - this page provides links to them and other valuable blog resources
Business Acronyms
In our busy lives we need to have consistant information. This page acts as our list of useful Business and Development Acronyms
Business Adviser Training
A key purpose of RapidBI is supporting the Business Advisory profession. We are committed to providing diagnostic tools, training, networking and CPD (continuing professional development) activity for Business Advisers to assist them in their important role of supporting enterprises.
Business Advisor Training
A key purpose of RapidBI is supporting the Business Advisory profession. We are committed to providing diagnostic tools, training, networking and CPD (continuing professional development) activity for Business Advisors to assist them in their important role of supporting enterprises.
Business Coaching
There are many providers of caoching in the market today. Some at improving the effectivness of your people, some at improving the quality of your life. At RapidBI we specialise our coaching activity working with high performers, helping them to be even better. Coaching for executives.
Business Coaching Articles
There are many coaches in the world of business today. Mike Morrison has been coaching high performers for over 10 years. In this series of articles Mike outlines some of the strategies he has used over the years.
Business Coaching Director - CEO
In this second article Mike explores a case study involving a relationship with a director of a company. The case study starts from the brief through to conclusion.
Business Coaching Life Article
There are many styles of coaching used in business today. In this third of a series of articles Mike Morrison explores the values of Life coaching in business.
Business Coaching Motivational Speakers
There are many approaches to coaching in business. In this casestudy we look at the taxonomy of an intervention looking to develop the skills and relationship of two people working in media.
Business Diagnostic Instrument
Many people involved in organizational development are looking for business diagnostic instruments. These are well researched tools which can identify the priority development needs in an organization. The BIR is a Business provement Review diagnostic instrument developed by RapidBI.
Business Diagnostic Tools
Business Diagnostic tools are defined processes to look at the strengths & weaknesses of an organisation or business. It is important to know where a business is in growth or development terms before implementing change. They can also provide change evaluation evidence.
Business Glossary and Dictionary
A Business Glossary and Dictionary of Terms for use in your organisation and with your clients
Business Health Check Review
Business Healthcheck. Before starting any business or organizational change program we need to fully understand where the business is now. An effective diagnostic or healthcheck is vital for successful change.
Business Improvement Review - Human Resources - BIR-hr
The BIR-HR has been developed to help organizations that are interested in investing in their people. Using the successful formula if the BIR, the BIR-HR looks at the people management of the business. Its quick and robust approach makes managing change easier than ever.
Business Improvement Review - Strategic - BIR-s
As organizations grow they need to take the time to ensure the organic growth is relevant for achieving their vision. The BIR-S is a rapid diagnostic tool which can help manage this growth.
Business Improvement Review BIR-c
The BIR-c is a varient of the Business Improvement Review aimed at consultants and coached working with small organizations or companys.
Business Support Standard Analysis
Are you an accredited business advisor to the SFEDI standards? Aree you developing your skills ready for accreditation? then we can help.
Business Transformation
Business Transformation is a change management strategy which has the aim to align People, Process and Technology initiatives of a company more closely with its business strategy and vision. In turn this helps to support and innovate new business strategies. What is business transformation?
Business Values and Ethics
Values are vital for the success of any organization. They need to be applied consistantly for all stakeholders - staff, employees, managers and customers to engage fully.
Career Anchors - Edgar Schein
Career Anchors, developed by Edgar Schein, is a powerful tool for use in the development of your people
Certified Learning Practitioner - The Trainers Standard
In 2008 TrainerBase launched the Certified Learning Practitioner (CLP) standard covering independent and freelance trainers. A unified standard which looks at personal, design, delivery and commercial skills. THE standard for purchasers of training to look for in their providers.
Change Management and Managing Change
For organizational development to be effective it is important to manage change effectively. The change model on this page is used by RapidBI in all of its interventions.
Coaching Article Sport Performer
This is an article written by Mike Morrison as a case study on coaching for performance in the world of motor sport.
Coaching Microsite
Coaching Videos
Mike Morrison has recently been interviewed for coachinguk - here are some of the videos taken
Coffee colour chart
In organizational diagnostice it is important to have effective measures of success, so to is that success measure important in meeting the needs of your people.
Cone of experience - Dale
The Cone of Experience is a visual model meant to summarise Dale's classification system for the varied types of mediated learning experiences. The original labels for Dale's ten categories are: Direct, Purposeful Experiences; Contrived Experiences; Dramatic Participation; Demonstrations; Field Trips; Exhibits; Motion Pictures; Radio; Recordings; Still Pictures; Visual Symbols; and Verbal Symbols - 90%, 70%, 75%, 50%, 20%, 10%, 5%,
Consulting Skills - for internal and external consultants
Consulting skills are increasingly important to Human Resources, Organizational Development and change teams, as well as those people working in the interim or freelance market place. The tools that consultants use can often make the different between a successful and an unsuccessful assignment or project.
Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR
Corporate and social responsibility is an increasing trend, but most of the information in the market place is for large businesses, this simple guide provides information for the smaller business (SME)
CPD For Professionals-Continued Professional Development
As times change individuals are increasingly being left to identify their own Continued Professional Development (CPD). Continued Professional Development is the life blood of life long employability. We no longer live in a time where we have employment for life, indeed many of us will have several different careers.
Creatrix Innovation Inventory
The Creatrix is a unique tool which can help organisations develop the innovative capacity of their people. Many innovation approaches focus on process. The Creatrix model looks at the behaviours and skills of individuals to help build the capacity to innovate.
Creatrix Innovation Inventory Microsite
Creatrix Inventory, The
The Creatrix Inventory � creates the awareness necessary for change to occur by providing an accurate picture of the current innovative capacity of individuals, teams, and organisations.
Critical Success Factors - CSF's
Critical Success Factors (CSF's) are frequently mentioned in business and strategic planning. But what do they really mean? This page sets out to provide a practical overview.
Deep Dive Brainstorming for product and organizational development
Deep Dive is a technique to rapidly immerse a group or team into a situation for problem solving or idea creation. This approach to innovation uses four distinct areas: Process, Organization, Culture, and Leadership.
Development Products
RapidBI provide a wide range of development tools for improving your people and your business
Diagnostic Tools for Business Advisers
Diagnostic Tools for Business Advisors - BAs
RapidBI have designed a range of business diagnostic tools for use by competent business advisors and change agents. The BIR is a comprehensive family of holistic diagnostic tools covering large, medium, small and not-for-profit organizations.
Directors Information
Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Models
There are many Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Models on the market, this page outlines some of the differences and asks does it really matter which one you use?
Empty four assessment concept
The Empty Four is a concept for the assessment of competencies within in-house development schemes
Empty three assessment concept
The "Empty three" is a concept for the assessment of competency.
Executive Innovation
Executive innovation is at the heart of change solutions to enable organisations to perform under difficult market conditions.
Find a Manual Handling and Patient Handling Trainer
Do you need your people trained by a professional? do you need to ensure the safety of your staff during difficult manual and patient handling situations? Our trainers are not just classroom trainers but work on front line ambulances, involved in some of the most complex Manual Handling operations and risks of any profession today. Our trainers undergo regular training and have to prove their competence every years to an independent organisation.
Find a Trainer in London and the M25
Find a trainer in London within the M25
Find a Trainer in the Thames Valley and M4 corridor
Do you need to Find a Trainer in the Thames Valley along the M4
Find a Trainer in the UK
Do you need to find a trainer in the UK? The information on this page can help you.
Force Field Analysis
The Force Field Analysis is a decision making tool. Using graphical representations users can easily see the impacts of potential decisions before making them.
Free Business Health Check
There are many free business health checks on the web but are they of any value? What are the advantages over paid for services?
Frequently Asked Questions - BIR - Business Improvement Reviews
Frequently Asked Questions - Consulting services
Frequently Asked Questions - Creatrix - Innovation Inventory
Frequently Asked Questions - Training Provision and Courses
Get Seen On The Web - micro site for trainers
Get Seen on the web - SEO training for freelancers
OK so you have developed your website and it looks great - but are people finding it? Search Engine optimisation is a bit of a black art but it is something that you can do yourself.
Graduate Management Development Programmes
many organisations invest in recruiting graduates. To make the most out of this resource many organisations provide this group with a 'foundations' of management course. We have developed a short programme (8 days over 6 months) for this audience. The programmes is available as an ILM endorsed programme.
Guide to Employee Engagement Satisfaction Surveys
Employee engagement surveys are use in many firms. This guide highlights some of the opportunities and pitfalls that you many encounter when implementing such tools.
Guide to employee satisfaction and engagement surveys
Employee engagement and satisfaction surveys usage is in the increase. In this guide we cover come of the key factors for ensuring success.
Holistic Business Diagnostic Tools
Holistic diagnostic tools are used to help organizations to change. they provide the 'you are here' marker on the change and strategic initiative map. They help us to really understand where we are now, so that the change journey is more effective.
Holistic Organizational Development and Diagnostics
Holistic Organizational Development is development activity looking at the whole organization, systems, people culture etc. It looks at people and how they interact with the organization to deliver is products and services.
Holistic Organizational Diagnostic Tools
How do I do a SWOT analysis?
How to do a SWOT analysis
How to do a SWOT analysis, this page provides people in business with ideas and structuires for completing a SWOT analysis
How To Write A Business Diagnostic Tool
How To Write A Business Diagnostic Tool, the BIR has taken many 100's of hours to develop. What makes this level of investment different from one person writing a diagnostic tool?
How to write an internal communications plan and strategy
Increasingly Human Resources (HR) or Organizational Development (OD) teams are being asked to drive and deliver internal communications. This page outlines the content and structures you may use.
Humour in Recruitment - a parable
Recruitment - a different view
Induction Training and Orientation
Many organizations undertake induction of new staff, but how effective is that induction? This page contains a survey which can be used by HR departments to review the effectiveness of their processes.
Innovation Before Leadership - Article
So that we can develop effective leadership in our organizations - we believe that we first need to develop an innovative culture.
Innovation Culture a Fresh Perspective
Many organizations strive for innovation, they look at the skills of creativity and neglect the culture of innovation. The Creatrix is an excellent tool & framework for developing a programme towards an innovative culture.
Innovation Equation - Creativity and Risk
The Innovation Equation is a book written by Byrd & Brown. This is a review of the book.
Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)
Many of our programmes are Institute of Leadership and Management registered. As either Development or Endorsed awards. A recognition of our programmes
Intelligent Dressing
Intelligent Dressing is the study and use of sartorial impact on self and others. Many powerful people know the effect our dress sense (intelligent dressing) has on others - do you?
Intelligent Dressing - social or business use
Intelligent Dressing is an approach to subliminal influencing developed by Peter Landau & Mike Morrison. It looks at the power of sartorial influence and how we are conditioned to react. Beyond NLP, NSP provides a visual approach to influencing.
Intelligent Dressing for Interviews
Intelligent Dressing is a methodology for improving your impact when meeting others. Using the subliminal and hidden messages to gain competitive advantage
Intelligent Purchasers in OD
Intelligent Purchasers in Organizational Development, training and coaching. As the industry gets more and more sophisticated, we as purchasers need to be increasingly intelligent in the way we purchase training and consultancy service and products
Intelligent purchasing for training and consultancy services
Intelligent Purchasing for training, organisational development, coaching and consulting. As the profession becomes more and more sophisticated, we as purchasers need to be increasingly intelligent in the way we purchase training and consultancy service and products.
Key Performance Indicators KPIs
Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are financial and non-financial measurements used to help an organisation define and measure progress towards stated organisational goals. Critical Success Factors can be used as a part of the KPI process
Knowledge Understanding Action - a model for development
Knowledge Understanding Action is the principles that RapidBI base all of their programs, products and development upon.
Leadership Organisational Development - Short Courses
RapidBI have designed a range of leadership and organisational development short courses. They are available 'off the shelf' or can be tailored to your organisations needs.
Leadership, coaching and management models download
Do you need high quality graphical management and leadership powerpoint slides? over 120 are available here. Unbranded for you to use in your presentations
Learning Logs and Learning Journals
For many professionals we are being asked to keep a learning log. This often is part of a professional development course, or occasionally by our employers. This page outlines approaches to learning logs and provides some useful tools.
Learning Styles
To help us develop, knowing our preferences for learning can be valuable. ther are many models - Kolb, Honey & Mumford, NLP. This page summarises the main ones used in business and organizational for development.
As a line manager we are responsible for the development of our people. Often we are not trained for this role. This page highlights some of the tools and techniques that will help.
Management and Business Articles
Management articles - short
Management Development Short Course Programme
RapidBI have designed a range of short management development & training courses. These are available off the shelf for a fixed price. All programmes can be customised to your specific needs. Many can be ILM endorsed
Management Leadership Articles
Management Models - Graphical
Management models shape the way we manage and run our organizations. This page lists some of those found to be of value.
Manager Development and Train the Trainer
Managing Change
Change management is one of those things that many talk about but is rarely implemented well.
Manual Handling of People Training
In organisations today we need to look after the health safety and wellbeing of our people. Those involved in the Manual Handling of people is a key part of that responsibility. The Team at RapidBI have over 20 years of experience training others in the skills and techniques of people handling, in a range of environments including pre-hospital, hospital care home and domestic environment.
Manual Handling Training for managers and staff
In business today we need to look after the health safety and wellbeing of our people. Manual Handling is a key part of that responsibility. The Team at RapidBI have over 20 years of experience training others in the skills and techniques of manual handling.
Mike Morrison - Consultant and Coach
Mike Morrison is the founder of RapidBI and the developer of the BIR business diagnostic tool set. Mike is an experienced coach, trainer and OD specialist.
Mike Morrison Microsite
Miller's Magic Number Seven 7
Miller in 1956 ("The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two: Some Limits on Our Capacity for Processing Information") Miller showed a number of remarkable coincidences between the channel capacity of a number of human cognitive and perceptual tasks. This was the number seven plus or minus two (+-2)
Neuro Sartorial Programming - NSP - Intelligent Dressing
News - the latest announcements from RapidBI
NGO Organisational Assessment Diagnosis
NGO's like any successful organisation, need to manage their effectiveness managerially, opertaional performance and external image
NGO Organizational Assessment Diagnosis
Organizational Asessments in NGO organizations
Nine box grid model - 9 squares
Nine box grid models are used to help plot or show performance based on two factors. The grid or nine boxes are used to define behavior or performance
Open Training dates published
Organisational appraisal
Organisational appraisals are talked about but few organisations do. This page outlines an approach an organisation may take to appraise its performance to date and plan for the future.
Organisational Assessment Tools
What is an organisational development or assessment tool? RapidBI provice change agents and organisational development specialists with organisational and holistic diagnostic tools and processes.
Organisational Culture
In the field of organisational development (OD) the need to identify organisational culture is an important step in managing change. Corporate culture helps to identify who and what an organisation is.
Organizational Development - OD
Organization Development (OD) is a complex strategy intended to change the beliefs, attitudes, values, and structure of organizations so that they can better adapt to new technologies, markets, and challenges. Performance improvement is a key reason for implementing organizational development tools and methods
Organizational Diagnostic and Development through effective diagnosis
Organizational Diagnosis is an effective ways of looking at an organization to determine gaps between current and desired performance and how it can achieve its goals.
Organizational Mirror and Diagnostic tool
Organizational Mirror is a technique used to enable teams and organizations to look at what they actually do against what they think they are doing. It is a powerful organizational development methodology
Our Off Site BLOG
Our Services - consultancy and coaching services available
Paul Horsfall - Triathlete our sponsored athlete
RapidBI are proud to sponsor Paul Horsfall (UK triathlete) for the 2007 & 2008 season
Pecha Kucha - Presentation Technique
Pecha Kucha is a presentation technique especially for those that love PowerPoint, it is fun, fast and interesting, limiting the presentation to 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide - a maximum of 6 minutes 20 seconds. A unique structure for a presentation.
Personal Development Plan - PDP's and Professional Development Planners - CPD
personal development plan - how to write one and keep it up to date. This page covers PDP's and PDR's in supporting a persons CPD.
Personal Effectiveness Short Courses
As Professionals and managers it is vital that we are as efficient & effective as we can be. This range of short workshops are designed to build on personal effectivness at all levels.
PEST analysis
The PEST analysis is a great tool to help understand the environment in which an organization operates. This page provides information on how to complete a PEST analysis
PESTLE analysis templates
To complement our PESTLE analysis page and to make reading easier - this page contains free, ready to use PESTLE templates for you to use.
Policy Summary
As a small and efficient consultancy organisation we prefer to take action rather than have a 'policy'. this page highlights our approach to such matters.
Porter Five Forces
Michael Porter's five forces is a model used to explore the environment in which a product or company operates. Five forces analsysis looks at five key areas mainly the threat of entry, the power of buyers, the power of suppliers, the threat of substitutes, and competitive rivalry.
Posters for trainers and training courses and events
Do you need posters for Training and Trainers - flipchart posters,A1 posters or bigger... A0 posters? We can print full colour prints and posters up to ISO A0 and bigger! Send your PDFs and high resolution jpegs and within days you will have fantastic posters.
Prime Practice - Health & Safety audit
Prime Practice is a 360 degree health and safety audit of your company. Web based this tool will help identify the strengths and weaknesses of safety matters in your company.
PRIMOF Business Growth Model
The PRIMO-F Business Growth Model was developed to act as a framework for organisational development. It is based on the DUBS business growth models - FiMO ReCOIL
Product purchase options
Psychometric Personality Testing
Psychometric testing can provide an organisation with a valuable range of data and action plans for developing your people effectively.
RapidBI Organisational Development
Organisational Development is an important role in the development of any business. RapidBI can help you ensure this process is effective.
RapidBI search
Swicki Search page
Red Recruiters is the name developed by Mike Morrison for London based peer educators.
Resource Zone - download free material
Risk Assessment Training
Risk assessment is seen by many as a 'black art'. In reality is is a simple process based on knowledge and experience. Risk assessment is a simple formula - likelihood of occurrence multiplied by severity of outcome in a given situation. Our training enables individuals to undertake risk assessments quickly and effectively.
Sample Key Performance Indicators KPIs
Key Performance Indicators can be difficult to understand untill you have developed and used a few. This page lists some example KPIs to get you started. Covering Human Resources, Training, Learning and Development, operations, recruitment and many other areas.
Sample Outputs from the BIR
Scanning the business environment
Scanning the business environment is the first step in effective business planning or development of business strategy. Effective frameworks and tools include PEST, PESTLE, SLEPT, STEPE etc.
Short Course Micro Site - management, leadership & trainer development
Staff Survey
Staff Survey and Employee Engagement Survey
Stop start continue change model
The stop start continue change management model is a useful 'quick and dirty' tool for looking at service improvement
Strategic analysis
Strategic analysis is a frequently discussed term - but what does it mean?
On this page yopu can manage your subscriptions to your newsletter and our updates
SWOT analysis
There are many tools used in supporting businesses, among them is the SWOT. arguably one of the most commonly used and misused tools. This pages outlines what a SWOT analysis is and some options to use it effectively
SWOT analysis templates
To complement our SWOT analysis page and to make reading easier - this page contains free, ready to use SWOT templates for you to use.
SWOT and PESTLE Template
This page contains the templates to complement the CIPD factsheets on SWOT analysis and PESTLE analysis
Take the BIR on line - registered users only
Team Game - Goal Setting, Cooperation, Communication, Negotiation, Teamwork
Team Game and training activity.RSS WebFeed Reporter is a downloadable activity or game for developing skills in teams. RSS WebFeed Reporter can be used for developing: Goals Co-operation Communication Negotiation Teamwork
Team Innovation
Developing an innivative culture is a challenge many organizations are starting to face. This article explores tools to change and develop the innovative capacity of teams.
Terms of Business - contract terms
The Lone Trainer - a network for professionals
Are you a Lone Trainer? you may be a freelance trainer or a trainer inside an organisation. This pages has been set up to help promote and support the networking of lone trainer both inside and external to organisations. training can be a lonely profession, often trainers have small or non existent budgets, yet we are expected to deliver excellent services.
The PESTLE Analysis Tool
The PESTLE analysis tool is one of many used to help managers identify their market positioning and strengths. This pages is provided as a resource to help students and managers new to the model carry out a PESTLE analysis of theor own organistaion. The PESTLE analysis can form part of an organisational review or SWOT, strengths, wesknesses, opportunities and threats
Tools For Consultants
Tools for consultants provide practical, proven methods and techniques to improve your business or the business of your clients.
In late 2008 the IITT and BCS announced the trainer standard - TPMA - Performance Monitoring & Assessment Service. This new qualification from the IITT & BCS aims to improve the quality of technical and IT training.
Train the Trainer
There are many Train the Trainer courses, but how many of them are based in learning techniques proven to be ineffective years ago? RapidBI engage with the best trainers in the UK to deliver practical and effective Train the Trainer programmes
Train the Trainer Workshops
Finding training for trainers can be challenging. Ther are many qualifications and courses, but which one is right for you? RapidBI have designed and developed a range of training for trainers which can be used in-house to develop your training delivery team. They will be delivered in line with the culture of your organisation and training team.
TrainerBase - The profile of Mike Morrison
Mike Morrison is a trainer & coach who specialises in developing trainers & coaches, presentation skills and developing manager performance
Training and Course Dates
Training Course Dates
Training Learning and Development in Organizations
Training, Learning and Development are key functions and activities in any organization. This page highlights the history and principles of effective employee development.
Training Needs Analysis - TNA
A Training needs analysis (TNA) is a process which helps managers and organisations understand the development required by their people. This page provides an example approach.
Training programmes
Transformational Leadership
Whats is Transformational leadership? How can transformational Leadership help your organization to be more effective. This page explores 'what is Transformational leadership' and how to use it
Useful Links
What is Talent?
Talent is the term used in many organisations, but what does it mean? How can you identify it? What can you do with it when you recognise it? Where can you find it and when you do what do you do with it?
Whats new in Organizational Development - OD
The world of organizational development is changing. To keep up we have developed a series of short workshops to give you and your organization the edge. learn faster and smarter that your competitors.
Whitelaw's Circle of Evaluation
Whitelaws circle of evaluation is a model developed to aid the evaluation of training and learning and development interventions.
Why business improvement fails to deliver
why business improvement fails to deliver. This article explores the reasons why so many business improvement initiatives fail to deliver.
Why change management fails to deliver
Why do most change management initiatives fail? well the reasons are simple...
Work finding and tenders for trainers
There are many freelance and independent trainers in the UK. This page highlights how to position yourself and find work or tenders for work. Are you a trainer looking for project work, interim work?
World Availability RapidBI Services
RapidBI products and services are available world wide.
World Clock & Skype
This is a useful page for our international users - see who is awake when..
Write a mission statement
How to write a mission statement for your business
Write SMART objectives (and SMARTER)
How to write SMART Objectives for business and personal development
Management training resources for trainers
All trainers need resources for their training courses. RapidBI have developed many programmes over the years, some of our content is listed here.
Looking to automate parts of your Twitter activity? 247tweet is a Wordpress plugin enhancement from Twitme aimed at those bloggers serious about marketing.
In recent years Infection control training has been moved to DVD & online - yet this is a highly practical problem. Hygine and hand and environment cleaning is vital. See how the RapidBI team solved this problem
This is a simple twitter tool to unfollow people that do not engage with you
RapidBI Blog & Management articles
Organisational Diagnostic Tools are used to help improve the effectivness of a business, firm or organisation