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Working with you to solve your Problems

We recognise that providing the tools is only part of the picture. A good diagnosis is important to identify and isolate the points of leverage for your organisation. However developing appropriate action plans and the skills to implement sustainable and durable change is essential. Our extensive knowledge of key business processes aimed at developing your critical resources is at your disposal.

We can provide help in the following:

RapidBI Consulting Services
Making change stick, fast.

With our experienced consultants and Business Advisors we can provide expert help and support in applying the Business Improvement Review, CreatrixTM or other business development process for you or helping you deal with difficult assignments and projects.

Not all assignments are ones that you may feel confident in leading. We can provide help by:

RapidBI Coaching Services
Supporting high performers.

Over the years we have provided coaches to managing directors, other senior managers, TV personalities and international sports performers. When you're good at what you doing, how do you get better, what can you do to fine tune you're already high performance? Give us a call and talk through some of the short-term options.

We do not do life coaching or long-term coaching. We only solve problems and increase performance now.

Business Improvement Review (BIR) User Training

Our training workshops provide instruction and support in the application of the BIR inventory and in the business improvement process.

Only competent users are licensed to use the BIR. We provide full training in the administration and application of the BIR questionnaire and improvement process. We believe the BIR to be the fastest, credible business review tool available on the open market.

Creatrix Inventory© user training.

In association with the Richard Bird Inc. We offer users the ability to become licensed in using the Creatrix tool here in the UK. Contact us for available dates.

RapidBI Management Development Services

The outcomes of many BIR diagnoses indicate that building internal people and change process skills are vital for continuity and ownership of the changes needed for business improvement. We provide a series of development workshops that can develop those skills from coaching to change management.

Our management development services are available to both BIR users as well as companies wanting to improve the effectiveness of their management at all levels within their organisation. See our training section for more details.

Staff Surveys

Using our extensive experience we can deliver cost effective enterprise wide surveys. Either off-the-shelf or fully customised - your choice. Delivery can be paper or web.