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RapidBI specialise in providing simple and effective tools enabling you to help carry out an effective diagnosis of your client's business. Built around practical frameworks, our Business Improvement Review tools help you to home in on the critical concerns from the differing perspectives of their key stakeholders.


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  Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey

  Business Improvement Review - Organisational Diagnostic

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Welcome to our products page

UPDATE Nov 2010 - Due to a technical difficulty following a security attack, our automatic email out facility of downloading products has been temporarily disabled. Please allow 24 hours (usually much less) for us to manually process your orders. We apologize for this inconvenience.

RapidBI offer a range of downloads from budget to premium OD and change products.

Our premium products include Employee Surveys and Business Health Check and OD analysis tools. These start at just 19.99

We offer a range of management models in JPG, PPT and editable PPT - select the product that is right for you. These start at just 4.99

PLEASE NOTE PowerPoint on the Mac has trouble with these genuine PPT files - do not purchase unless you are sure they will work on your configuration (or only buy the fully editable version).

Coming soon - ready to use training courses, facilitators guides, handouts and slides.


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Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey
The EESS is a web ready staff or employee survey. Using a unique mix of proprietary and custom questions this low cost and practical solution is appropriate for organizations of all size.

Once purchased you will be taken through a number of steps to set up your survey - 100% on-line (option for paper questionnaire is available - please contact us).

Buy the EESS Employee survey online now

100% money back if not satisfied

EESS Package prices:

    5 user demonstration - 19.99 UKP (approx $32 USD)
    50 user Responses - 69.99 UKP (approx $110 USD)
    200 Responses - 200 UKP (approx $350 USD)
    500 Responses - 400 UKP (approx $600 USD)
    Unlimited Responses - (approx 1000 UKP $1500 USD)

Business Improvement Review - Organisational Diagnostic
Our BIR family is now available for purchase direct without accreditation.

Click on the buy now button below and you will be walked through the version selection and set up process.

Prices will vary depending on the number of responders you require.

BIR for team managed organisations BIR for owner managed organisations Business & HR improvement review for larger organisations only looking at people aspects
The BIR is a web ready review of your organisation. Combining over 10 years of research this this low cost and practical solution is appropriate for organisations of all size. This is the same instrument our consultants use.

Once purchased you will be taken through a number of steps to set up your review - 100% on-line

Buy the BIR organisational diagnostic

For a step by step setup guide follow this link.

100% money back if not satisfied

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