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Here are some of the many comments from users of the Business Improvement Review (BIR) and other RapidBI services.

Some comments from recent participants on the Creatrix workshop

  • "Kept a group of trainers interested for a day" - GM Training Consultant
  • "The pace of the day was pitched well" - JS HR manager
  • "A great way to learn" - SP Director

Some Comments From Users

  • "Its good to hear you are still developing BIR, though its been a long time since we were able to use it I still think it is the best diagnostic I have used" - GC Scotland 2007
  • "Easy to use — My Clients loved it"
  • "I’ve had great results — can I use this in my private practice?"
  • "How can you help me to persuade our managers to use this with our clients"
  • "I would like to explore options for have exclusive use in xxxx when can we talk?"
  • "A well rounded tool which helps me flush out the issues"
  • "The training was professional and very useful — thank you"
  • "At last professional tools for intelligent advisors"
  • "I heard about this from a colleague — when can you come and train us?"
  • "Thanks for the help with my first BIR the other day — it was easier than I thought and the client loved it"
  • "I have been trying to get in to this client for over 2 years, after doing the BIR with them they signed up right away — Thank you"
  • "My client liked this so much they want to do it again later in the year — how should I approach this?"
  • "…thanks, now the management team are at last listening to me (HR manager)"
  • "Since using this with my clients I have become much more strategic — thank you" Training Manager
  • "Great training — now all I want to do is go out and us it"
  • "Love the new bar graphs - I think I just prefer the simplicity - thanks for listening"
  • "Great! the benchmarking makes it soooo much easier to review progress made"
  • "The coaching version is very powerful, it really enables me to get to the heart of the matter, quickly"
  • "The new 'auto reports' make it so much easier - thank you"


End users comments include…

“The Business (Improvement) Review did really identify the key issues, and reinforced aspects that we needed to introduce. We drew up a recommended action plan and we are still working our way through that. We cannot therefore say that we have implemented all the actions at this stage, but it is still on-going. There are now regular management meetings and there has been considerable improvement. We lost one manager, changed location, we produce more information and have better control. Whilst it reinforced what we were thinking, it was important to get an authoritative external view. The report and the charts were easy to read and understand. Overall very valuable to the business.”

Construction sector company
“The Business (Improvement) Review and a couple of further sessions really "flushed out the key issues". The main issues related to company objectives and resources and marketing. An action plan was drawn up, and was followed through but it has not been completely implemented yet. Following the business review, there has been on-going management review. The business is actively working to improve its marketing, and is currently planning to undertake a major customer survey. The staff questionnaire highlighted the importance of communications for the benefit of the business - and we have improved in this respect. As far as the report and the charts were concerned these were well presented. The meaning of the charts was thoroughly explained, and we found the whole process straightforward, simple, and understandable.”

Recruitment Company
“Yes, the key issues were identified. We did not draw up a formal separate action plan in a formal sense, but the whole process sparked significant discussion within the company. Key areas of weakness were identified as Business Planning, Leadership, and Shared Direction. We have taken major steps to address these problems with an executive level reorganisation and redefinition of roles and responsibilities. At a later stage we put together a staff survey which was very helpful. The report itself was invaluable.”

Professional Services
“A reserved yes to the question as to whether the Business Review identified the key issues. It really confirmed what we already knew, but it also went into some areas that they might not otherwise have addressed. An action plan was drawn up and 80% of the plan has been implemented. The staff questionnaire results were immensely valuable, and have been implemented, with a commitment to the IiP standard. The report and the charts were good and the comments area useful. Overall very good.”  

The Business Review did identify what the key business and management issues were. The management team had a cohesive view of the business; the business is a soundly based manufacturing organisation; continuous improvement teams have contributed to improvements in morale and attitudes; and finally leadership skills are rated highly. However the business environment is very tough, the site constrains modernisation and expansion of the plant, and there is only a single production line for most of the product range. Training requirements were drawn up for the top team and a commitment for IiP standard was made. There has been a lot of change since the report, and the strong pound has very seriously damaged their situation. The report was considered to be quite innovative and different.

Some Web site feedback

  • " I just have a general interest in management training - as I am an academic.  I noticed your web site through a reference from a student in his assignment, in relation to critical success factors.  I felt your material was very good.well done." University tutor
  • " I just would like to appraise you for such a nice and useful web site!! I am doing CPP/CIPD course now and it is going to be a big hand for me. "
  • "No don't get excited, I am not looking for use of your services but I wanted to say a massive thank you for the "automatically generated" connection to the RapidBI Resource Zone which is brilliant. Very many thanks"
  • "I found your templates and descriptions excellent and the best site on the internet."
  • " just want to say , the article about pestle analysis were very valuable, thank u "
  • "It's great to see you (the BIR in its latest guise) are still very much in action!"
  • ".... website incredibly useful" - GP Training Journal
  • "...a concentrated overview of management thinking... much quicker than any other medium I know" - GP Training Journal



Summary of Business Reviews

To gauge for yourself the effectiveness of the BIR read a review of several companies having used the BIR tools.

The following organizations are some that have experienced the BIR:

  • Business Link
  • Fortnum & Mason
  • Glaxo Welcome
  • HQ Hair Salons
  • Holiday Inn
  • Honda UK
  • KLM
  • Marriott Hotels
  • Mott McDonald
  • Oddbins
  • Queens Cross Housing Association
  • Scottish Enterprise - Glasgow
  • St John's Ambulance
  • Toni & Guy / TIGI
  • TotalPDA
  • Wincanton Logistics

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