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17 October 2008

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RapidBI - Who we are

We are a small virtual team of organisation development specialists dedicated to practical solutions to business improvement. Working in collaboration with business development organisations we provide support to our clients through providing pragmatic tools and processes for improving business and organisational performance.

Our support includes help in data gathering, analysis, identifying key leverage points and providing skills development to enable business advisers and consultants to implement successful change.

Our principle consultants have extensive knowledge and experience of change and change leadership spanning most industrial and commercial sectors.

The proven Business Improvement Review (BIR) is a change management and data survey tool that generates a unique insight into the performance of a business through the eyes of key stakeholders. The tool is used by consultants to help businesses identify and act on points of leverage for business improvement.


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Documents available on this site are available for personal or business use providing the copyright statements are retained & the source recognised.

If you require volume usage of the BIR or any of the RapidBI tools please contact us.

We will pay a reward of 50% of any successful legal settlement to any individual informing us of un-lawful use!

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